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Vaiva Šukytė

31 m.
Skeletal malocclusion
Required amount of support: 
13000 Eur
Amount of support already collected: 
350 Eur

Support balance: 

Hi, I'm Vaiva, I'm 31 years old. I have a diagnosis of a skeletal occlusal anomaly, or more precisely and simply, a deep occlusion.

I have never complained about my smile, its overall aesthetic appearance satisfied me, the teeth looked visually straight. I didn't like the look of my profile (protruding chin, narrow lower third of the face), when the teeth were fully bitten, the lower part of the face would shrink and look disproportionate, but I was okay with that. Over the years, the irregular bite started to cause functional chewing problems, which became apparent about 5 years ago. These are overstretched masticatory muscles, the front teeth of the lower jaw have been chewed off due to a deep bite, and the inner surface of the upper front teeth have also been chewed off. Problems with the lower jaw joint also appeared: crackling and pain. I realized that these are not short-term problems that will go away, but that they need to be addressed. I turned to specialists, oral surgeons, orthodontists. Some claimed that it can only be fixed with orthodontic appliances, others believe that complex treatment with braces and orthognathic surgery is needed to bring the jaws into the correct position. So, that's how my paths met with Dr. Simon Grybauskas. During the consultation, the importance of orthognathic surgery for the success of my treatment was explained to me. So I will undergo: osteotomies of the upper and lower jaws, plastic surgery of the corners of the chin and lower jaw. Thanks to this operation, not only my bite will change for the better, which will become correct and will prevent further health problems, but also the aesthetic appearance of my face. So I have already started the preparatory stage of the treatment, the braces have been placed and the teeth have been pushed into the necessary positions for the operation. Such preparation for the operation may take approximately one and a half years. That's how long I have the opportunity to save the money needed for her. And this, as you know, costs a lot... €13,000. In order to facilitate the collection of this amount, I was offered to join the "Face Fund".

Therefore, I believe in the kindness of people and I will be very grateful to all of you who can contribute to my treatment and allocate 1.2% of personal income tax. I say a sincere THANK YOU! :)