"Veido Fondas" is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help patients with facial defects who cannot choose appropriate treatment due to financial difficulties. more

Sandra Grigelionienė

33 m.
Skeletal malocclusion
Required amount of support: 
8000 Eur
Amount of support already collected: 
387 Eur

Support balance: 

First of all, I really want to thank you for spending time on my story - THANK YOU. This is really important to me. I won't lie that it took me a lot of time and courage to sit down and talk about myself and my problems.

 I am happily married, raising two boys, have a job and a roof over my head. It seems, what else is needed?
 Unfortunately, I have been accompanied by eye and dental problems since childhood. More than one city and more than one doctor were visited. Already, I don't even remember, I started making friends with glasses and dental plates when I was a few years old...

 As I got older, my eye problems didn't disappear anywhere, but they stabilized, so I already lived with them :) Unfortunately, I can't be so happy about my teeth. As I grew older, my dental problems also increased and everything is getting more complicated to this day. Healthy teeth began to wear down due to an irregular bite. I also started having jaw pain, which comes on when eating or just laughing. An irregular bite becomes even more obvious from the outside as it becomes more and more complicated.

 And in order to fix everything - to prevent major complications and pain in the eyes, a long preparation with braces is required (it will last about 3-4 years} and then an operation on both jaws, which lasts about 6 hours. This required amount is for the operation (without braces). much higher. Unfortunately, the state does not compensate for such operations. For my family's budget, such sums are cosmic :( Therefore, I am very happy that there are such funds and the opportunity to ask each of you to contribute even a small part, because it means a lot to me.