"Veido Fondas" is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help patients with facial defects who cannot choose appropriate treatment due to financial difficulties. more

Ignas Jogminas

24 m.
Skeletal malocclusion
Required amount of support: 
10000 Eur
Amount of support already collected: 
825 Eur

Support balance: 

Hello! Thank you for paying attention to my story!

There is always anxiety and excitement when thinking about the jaw and teeth situation. Maybe because this whole trip is the biggest and most important in my life.

In childhood, my parents and I noticed that the upper and lower jaws grow disproportionately and the lower jaw is larger. We went to an orthodontist who said we should try treatment with plates. As the situation gradually worsened, the lower jaw became larger and larger, there were problems with biting and chewing food, because I only chewed with two molars, and the jaw began to crack. I stopped smiling, showing my teeth became difficult, even for dentists, so I avoided going to specialists, and the treatment was financially unaffordable for the family.

At the age of 23, I decided to pick myself up and start this journey. I went to an orthodontist who said I needed to see a surgeon for orthognathic treatment. I went to a consultation with doctor Simonas Grybauskas, who confirmed that surgery on both jaws would be required. Currently, less than a year has passed since the beginning of the treatment, preparations for the operation, treatment with braces are underway.

All this time, I delayed contacting Veido Fund and asking for your financial assistance. It is true that even now I feel timid while writing this text, but we would not be able to pay for it on our own and with the help of our family, because financially this trip is a very big challenge.

I encourage everyone to read the stories of other Face Fund patients and contribute to their treatment! It means a lot to us!

I am and will be grateful all my life!