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Eglė Šleiniūtė

30 m.
Skeletal malocclusion
Required amount of support: 
12500 Eur
Amount of support already collected: 
1129 Eur

Support balance: 


I am Egle.

I never thought I would have to bare my soul and write my story publicly. All the more so to ask good people for help.


As a child, I did not feel that I was different, but since I was a teenager, I noticed that the profile of my face was different from that of others, the lower jaw stood out a lot. I've never had a smile like that, where you can see all your teeth when you smile. I noticed this when I was a child, but growing up I didn't pay too much attention.

The situation worsened in my teenage years, when I received more and more all kinds of retorts, taunts and the most ugly words from people around me and peers. No one even noticed, could not even imagine the discomfort it caused. The teasing, accompanying looks hurt. Unfortunately, this has become the norm. It has become common to start the day and end it with tears. It seems that no matter how good you try to be, without a beautiful appearance, no one will want to know the inside of you. I had to learn to hide my smile. Avoid publicity. It became simply uncomfortable to be in it. Self-depreciation, complexes grew with me and accompany me to this day. I remember when the camera lens pointed at me was stressful. It used to be embarrassing when I had to be photographed in class photos, or even now as an adult, taking a passport photo is embarrassing and embarrassing. It's just that the first time you take a picture doesn't turn out to be a bit more beautiful. You have to look for a better angle to make your face look more beautiful. I have almost no childhood photos, so not much has changed until today.

Until now, I avoid eating and visiting public places. As a girl, I don't know what it is to put on beautiful makeup. Nice hairstyle. I avoid even tying and braiding my hair. I try to draw as little attention to myself as possible. So I avoid it, but who can do it. I'm just ashamed. I don't feel comfortable. You don't want to get bullies and crooked looks again. With white envy, I observe the beautiful smiles of beautiful people. As I grew, so did my dream. I always thought that only the braces system would be enough for me. Mother raised us 4 alone. It was a huge amount of money for us. I understand, we just don't have the money for that. So I didn't even dare to ask my mother to help me.

I patiently waited until I could start working as soon as possible and start my dream treatment with braces system, towards a beautiful smile. I thought that after getting braces, the bullying and insults from my peers would finally stop. I won't be different. At the time, I had no idea that my problem was much bigger than a crooked canine at the top. Due to the lack of space in the dental arch, the teeth are crowded at the bottom. For the same reason, the chin protrudes far forward. Unfortunately, one doctor after another confirmed this, the braces system would only help me have straight teeth. After a while they would go back to how they were before. I was interested in chin reduction surgery. But in my case it wouldn't make a difference. And the problem would not disappear anywhere. For the best result of solving the problem, I should consult a surgeon about jaw surgery. I was interested in it a lot. Then I remember being scared by the complexity and prices of the operation.

Time passed, but self-love, trust, self-acceptance and self-acceptance never came. So I found the best specialist in my field for consultation. I hoped that it would make me happy and that only one lower jaw operation would be needed. Because only one protruding tooth is problematic at the top.

Briefly, as doctor Simonas Grybauskas described my situation:

"There is an imbalance between the jaws. It's not just a chin size problem, it's also a lower jaw problem. It's too big. The entire jaw is pushed forward. The teeth adjusted, leaning back to compensate for the size of the lower jaw and allow you to chew. Either way, it won't be good for your teeth. You may start chewing your gums in the future. This would lead to even greater health problems. Just treating the chin or lower jaw will not solve the problem. A complex surgery on both jaws and chin correction is required. After that, further treatment with braces."

After a conversation with respected Dr. Simon Grybauskas, I realized that I need it, that it will allow not only to have a symmetrical face and a beautiful smile, but also to avoid health problems in the future. I kept hesitating because the treatment is very expensive and unfortunately not reimbursed, after all it is a huge amount of money. One day I realized - when, if not now? I only have one life. There will be no other life, to love yourself, to smile without fear of receiving suspicious glances or retorts. I think about my dream every day. Not a day went by that I didn't think about it. One decision can change my life.

I chose. I know it's an investment for the rest of my life. To your health. To happiness to be a complete person. Without this treatment and surgery, I will not be able to live a full life, I will not have a beautiful smile, I will feel constant discomfort, a feeling of numbness in the lower jaw. The teeth themselves wear faster.

It's hard to ask when I'm physically healthy. I feel the responsibility to do everything myself, as always, but the amount of surgery for one person is high enough that my family will not be able to collect. Since the treatment is very expensive and is not reimbursed, I am asking for your help to help my dream come true. I know that the entire amount will probably not be collected, but it would at least ease my financial burden, towards my dream. If a miracle happens and my dream comes true, I will be grateful for the rest of my life. Every time I smile and look at my image, I will know that it is all thanks to good people. Miracles do happen and one of them has already happened. Your help will turn my life upside down, in a good way. You will have to learn to love yourself, not to be afraid of your reflection, not to hide your smile and not to cover yourself with a palm, a scarf or a big collar. To give it widely to the world and loved ones.

I will be extremely grateful if you decide to contribute to the fulfillment of my dream.

I believe and wish that your kindness will return to you in abundance.