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Artiom Antimonov

18 m.
Skeletal malocclusion
Required amount of support: 
8000 Eur
Amount of support already collected: 
280 Eur

I am Artyom. I met orthodontists in elementary school. Identified an irregular bite. Plate treatment has begun. After some time, the orthodontists suggested that the plates would not be enough and it would be necessary to fix the bite with braces. As time passed, the situation only worsened. I had a speech disorder since childhood, which is why I constantly visited a speech therapist. Later, I felt that it was difficult for me to bite my food, my jaw joints crackled when I chewed food, I constantly sleep with my mouth open, I have difficulty breathing. I started complexing because of aesthetically unattractive upper protruding teeth. When looking for a treatment solution, I was referred to oral surgeon Dr. Grybauskas, because orthodontic treatment will not help me solve my health problems. After consulting with the doctor, it became clear - all my problems are solved, for this a complex orthognathic operation is required. My diagnosis is Angle III class, reverse bite. The goal of orthognathic treatment is to straighten the teeth, have a correct bite, eliminate facial asymmetry, and stop tooth wear.


   I need-

1. To remove wisdom teeth that have not yet erupted

2. Expand the upper jaw (as it is narrower than the lower) with the quick expansion screw.

To expand the upper jaw with an expander, you need to hurry, it is best to do it before the age of 18, otherwise I would have to operate not only on the lower, but also on the upper jaw.

3. Apply braces

4. Perform orthognathic surgery.


In addition to orthodontic treatment, the price of orthognathic surgery is 8000eur. I'm still a student myself, so I can't pay for the expensive treatment I need. My family can only afford to pay for orthodontic treatment, the cost of orthognathic surgery is unfortunately unaffordable for us. That's why we turned to the Veido Foundation, so that with the help of good, helpful people, the necessary surgery could be performed, the quality of life could be improved, the person could feel like a full-fledged person and be useful to society. Thanks in advance to everyone who contributed and supported.