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Stand with Ukraine

2022 m.
War In Ukraine
Reikalinga paramos suma: 
78000 Eur
Jau surinkta paramos suma: 
75920 Eur

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Update 2022-05-27

We are pleased to inform you that another consignment is destined for an ophthalmological hospital in the Dnepropetrov region. We sent a consignment with surgical instruments worth 13.5 thousand. Euros. Thanks to everyone who contributed!


Update  2022-05-03

The first stage of our crowdfunding campaign is finished. The collected donations worth 45,653.00 EUR were put at work. Various items needed for facial trauma surgery were purchased and shipped to Myron Uhryn Charity Foundation. Those included titanium plates and screws, implants used for jaw reconstruction, an electrocautery device, and a Sonic Weld device that was kindly provided by KLS Martin group. The distribution of items will be decided among eight military hospitals in Ukraine and will be shared in the Google document for traceability on behalf of the receiving parties:


A special thanks to our donors (some of them are not on the list as they check marked as anonymous):

Bram van Gemert

Pedro and Elena

Marcos Pitta

Iñigo Calvo Archanco

Michael and Janet Gunson

Tommaso Castroflorio

Salvador Congost

Dovile Drungilaite

Ramon Baba

Anna Nikitska

Antons Vostroilovs

Albano R Flores V

David Way


cristina flores

Vaiva Jakštienė

Miguel Burgueño Garcia

Monika Stakenaitė

Jurgita Šniaukštaitė


Dalia Latkauskiene

Marbelleros friends

Marijus Mazuraitis

Rita Veberiene

Ona Nagreckaitė

Steve Bureau

Robert Rutgers

Enrique Collado Apiolaza

kathleen brower

Jorge Guiñales

Andrius Pocevičius

Ching Yi Lam

IAOMS Foundation

Zivile Zikiene

Ernst Michael Reicher

Martha Mounetou

Vitalija Lomsargiene

Asta Kurulytė

Simonas Lilys

Juu Daiva

Vilma Valančiūnaitė



UAB Ordoline

Vincenzo D'Anto

Kristine Schroeder

Niklas Platzer

Donation centre of medical equipment to the Ukrainian hospitals!

In the development of the latest events, S’OS clinic becomes a key logistic centre for the donation of medical equipment to the Ukrainian military hospitals.

How will we serve?

1. Through the established logistic chain by our team: we will accept the shipments of donated equipment from all over the world and deliver them directly to a charity foundation or the hospitals via charity trucks. The charity trucks move from Lithuania to Ukraine on regular basis.

2. Working directly with several Ukrainian hospitals. We are ready to disclose the titles of those hospitals after the end of the war.

3. Handling the demand based on the precise list: we have already received a list from Ukrainian colleagues of what equipment and what amounts are needed. In general, they demand instruments, medications and other materials.

4. Cooperating with you and other partners: everybody is welcome to join! Be it a doctor, manufacturer or distributor, be it a giant or tiny clinic. Every support count, every single instrument count, every single money donation count!

How can you support Ukraine and what the funds will be used for?

► Donate any amount you can share to Ukraine hospitals and doctors

► Your funds will be used for purchasing surgical instruments and materials from international companies and delivering them to Ukrainian military hospitals.

Lithuania stands hand in hand with Ukraine and we appreciate your contribution to this support!