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Erika Rakovskaja (EN)

22 m.
Diagnosis: Skeletal malocclusion
Reikalinga paramos suma: 
9000 Eur
Jau surinkta paramos suma: 
2312 Eur

Paramos likutis: 

I'm Erika from Vilnius. At the moment I am eighteen years old. I think that for many, this period of life is the most wonderful, the happiest, full-fledged, without difficulties and worries. However, for me, this period of life is completely different...

In my childhood, I had the straight teeth. They were no different from other people's teeth. However, when the permanent teeth came out, they were crooked. At the age of twelve, I heard from doctors diagnosing that, like my sister, there was an abnormality in my skeletal system, which should be treated surgically at adulthood. So from my adolescence until now, I'm having troubles and discomfort due to irregular bite and crooked teeth. Every day and routine human processes, such as food biting, breathing, are far more complex than it is for other people, who do not have this problem. Most people around cannot even imagine how much it causes suffering and discomfort. Due to the problem of bite, it is not only difficult to chew food, but also often experiences pain in the lower jaw. The jaw often cracks. Due to the protruding lower jaw, I cannot keep my lips closed for a long time, and it's difficult to breathe through the nose. For these reasons, I am often forced to be slack-jawed.

Due to the facial asymmetry, the protruding lower jaw, the lisp, and the crooked teeth, I experienced persistent bullying in the school, which caused my eyes to be often full of tears. I could not fall asleep at night. Then I tried to answer myself to the questions: why I, why all this happened to me. I did not find answers... My self-esteem fell lower every day... Today, I can admit that I had to make a lot of effort to love myself the way I am. However, I did not dare to smile in public until now...
Dreamed surgery - teeth straightening - for me is a necessity. This is my path to a desirable life: without pain, discomfort, complexes, and with an opened smile.

However, there is one obstacle to moving towards a so-desired goal – treatment and surgery are quite expensive. I live with my mother and sister, for who, as I said, is also needed funds for treatment. This year I will finish the gymnasium, the art school, and I will start studying. Although we started saving a few years ago, it became clear that without help from the outside, we would not be getting enough money for these procedures. I therefore very much ask for your support and sincerely hope that you will not be indifferent. Thank you very much!