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Goda Marcinskaitė

26 m.
Skeletal malocclusion
Required amount of support: 
14000 Eur
Amount of support already collected: 
877 Eur

The amount of support used: 
Support balance: 


I am Goda. I've had a "different" bite since I was a child, which made me complex all the time. However, a few years ago when my health began to decline, I became concerned because I started experiencing constant headaches, and the cause could not be found until I visited an oral surgeon. It turned out that the cause of my pain is an irregular bite, as a result of which the jaw joints also suffer, the disks of which are currently dislocated, but still return to their place in certain positions of dislocation.

After visiting oral, maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Mindaugas Stacevičius found out that I need an orthognathic operation on both jaws, but before preparing for it, due to the irregular position of the articular disks, I still need a grave. The diagnosis is scary, because in addition to the problems I am already experiencing, such as not being able to bite down on food, difficulty chewing, decaying teeth, the fact that I cannot chew solid food in order not to worsen my well-being or my current situation has also contributed, because otherwise it is difficult to get up from the intensity of the headache bed, it becomes so strong that you can't do anything, you become apathetic, and physical therapy is also needed to strengthen the painful facial muscles, because they are currently in an irregular position and constantly tense. When yawning, you can hear a constant crackling in the joints, sometimes it seems as if they "get stuck" and you need to yawn several times to get them back in place, and each bigger yawning ends with the beginning of swimming in the joint area...

The whole journey ahead is really scary, because orthognathic surgery for two jaws is complicated, takes 5-6 hours, during which my jaws will be divided into parts, then positioned and rotated into the necessary positions, then fixed with titanium plates.. So when I heard that there is no other way , you have to fight your fear and not only physically prepare your teeth with orthodontic treatment with braces, but also morally prepare for it. Of course, there is always a way out - to do nothing. However, after visiting more than one doctor, everyone's conclusion is the same - if nothing is done, the situation will only get worse...

The whole journey related to teeth started from a young age, because the upper teeth are crooked, I wore a plate as a child, but it did not help, because the upper jaw is too small for the teeth to fit and be straight. Due to the unsatisfactory aesthetic image, I also wanted to get braces, but they did not recommend them until the surgery, and then I was still too young for it, and I also did not know that all this would affect my health so badly...

Irregular jaw has always been and is still a painful topic for me, not only because of the health problems I experience, but also because I had to experience bullying, to hear that my teeth are a "drawer" in which you can put things, as a result of talking or laughing I used to cover my mouth with my hand, and I don't know how to smile naturally while showing my teeth at all, I feel discomfort, inconvenience and I can't relax. I have always dreamed of having a beautiful smile, and during the presentation of the treatment plan with Dr. Mindaugas Stacevičius, it was good to hear that, although a long and difficult journey awaits, not only my health problems are solved, but also my dreams come true!

However, in order to embark on this journey and a better tomorrow, the amount of money required is very large - 14,000 euros. After hearing her, it seemed that my hands fell down, because I am just finishing my studies and planning to start my life, looking for a job according to my specialty. After long deliberations, a feeling of shame and fear, I still decided to contact Všis "Veido fondas" and ask people for help.. A long period of saving awaits, giving up certain things, but when everything is for better health - it's worth it. Therefore, the help that you may give me would be very important and invaluable to me, because I believe that it will be difficult to collect such an amount in a few years.

Thank you so much, I am extremely grateful to everyone who has contributed to my healing journey!