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Emilija Kaselytė

21 m.
Skeletal malocclusion
Required amount of support: 
12000 Eur
Amount of support already collected: 
1050 Eur

Support balance: 

Hello! My name is Emilja. My diagnosis is a skeletal anomaly of the jawbone. Too narrow upper dental arch and too big lower jaw that protrudes further, facial asymmetry, flat facial profile.

I have been uncomfortable with my smile since I was a child. I remember sitting at the school desk by the window and hiding from my classmates with my hand on my cheek. I didn't like smiling in photos, and I still feel uncomfortable speaking in front of an audience. When I don't look in the mirror, everything seems fine, I'm brave, enthusiastic and determined, but when I see my reflection in the shop window, I'm disappointed. I know this is not me, this image of my face does not reflect my personality. But it's not just aesthetics that I desire so much, the most important thing is health.

After visiting the orthodontist, I got a worried look from her, she said that things are bad and surgery is needed. It was suggested to meet with facial and jaw specialist Simonas Grybauskas, who also confirmed that the bite is irregular and braces treatment will not help me, I need an operation on both jaws, which will ensure with headaches, tooth wear, difficulty breathing through the nose, bad chewing and respiratory prevention and many other negative factors of bad bite. Simonas told me that the operation is complicated and expensive, at that time I was living with my grandmother, she couldn’t help me, no one could. I had resigned myself to living with an ugly smile and low self-esteem until now.

But here I am, already with braces, walking towards the dream. I've had surgery that helps prevent pain and health problems and gives me a beautiful smile. I am waiting for extraction of healthy teeth with the aim of widening the upper jaw, straightening of crooked teeth and then orthognathic surgery. I'm single, a young graduate of university this year, and I'm having a really hard time saving up for my surgery, but I'm trying really hard. I am asking you, good people, for help in my treatment and the fulfillment of my dream. I believe in kindness and indifference, it is these values ​​that make the world more beautiful! Thank You!