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Dovilė M. (EN)

32 m.
skeletal malocclusion
Required amount of support: 
14000 Eur
Amount of support already collected: 
1753 Eur

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My name is Dovile. I am 30 years old. I have a skeletal occlusal anomaly (M26. 212): the concave and short facial profile, the returned upper jaw (button chin), low moth exposure at rest from below the upper lip, severe class II trauma bite, deep bite, and gum recession.

Since adolescence, orthodontists have told me that surgery is necessary because other methods will not help. Because of my condition, I struggle with language, jaw pain, difficulty chewing, difficulty breathing, sleep apnea, cluster headaches, high blood clots, heart problems, slurred pronunciation, and healthy tooth wear.

Basically, I have a strongly undeveloped lower part and only 2 sets of teeth are currently in contact with each other. As a result, my chewing force is very minimal. I find it very difficult to eat because my lower front teeth are almost 1cm away from my upper teeth.

Corrective jaw surgery will restore my jaws and teeth to the right position. This will improve the functionality of my jaws. The main goal of corrective surgery is to straighten teeth, have a regular bite, eliminate facial asymmetry, stop tooth wear.



  1. Reduction of pain

One of the main reasons for jaw reconstruction surgery is a reduction in jaw pain. Improperly positioned jaws cause unnecessary pressure and stress on the joints. This discomfort can be reduced after the surgery.

  1. Easier chewing

When the jaws are not smoothed, I find it difficult to chew properly. Without an optimal bite function, it is difficult to eat certain foods. Jaw leveling surgery will give me a healthier chew. An improvement in chewing function will also show a noticeable improvement in digestion.

  1. Less tooth wear

My teeth need to work harder to function properly. This causes unnecessary tooth wear. Properly aligned jaws will also benefit the teeth themselves. Properly adjusted teeth will be less worn because the bite pressure will be evenly distributed around the jaws.

  1. Clear pronunciation

Smoothing my jaws will also affect my speech and pronunciation. When my jaws and teeth don’t match, it’s harder to form certain words. When I fail to pronounce words correctly, sometimes it becomes unpleasant and detrimental to my self-esteem. With the help of a jaw leveling operation, I will improve my speech and strengthen my self-confidence.

  1. Sleep peacefully

Due to the incorrect position of the jaws, I developed sleep apnea and cluster headaches. When the upper airways are obstructed, it becomes difficult to breathe at night.



  1. Concave facial profile, short face
  2. The returned upper jaw, button chin
  3. Insufficient incisor show
  4. A severe class II malocclusion, traumatic occlusion
  5. Deep bite
  6. Gum recession



  1. Periodontal treatment
  2. Dental treatment
  3. Removal of molars (surgery)
  4. Straightening with braces

I have finished straight my teeth with braces. Braces treatment improved the smoothing of the upper and lower teeth and the fitness of the dental arches.



  1. Upper jaw surgery
  2. Lower jaw surgery
  3. Genioplasty, gonial angle reshaping
  4. Gum recession surgery
  5. Straightening with braces after surgery
  6. Lipofilling

With such a large and precise surgery, it is expensive. Also, will wait 3 months of healing after surgery, visits, and finally, they will be finishing straightening the teeth (it will take 6-10 months).

M26. 212 is the taxable/specific ICD-10-CM code. The state will cover 80 percent of the medically necessary costs of oral surgery. I will be responsible for 20 percent of the cost.

I would like to give you a little more information about the surgical procedure I need.

  1. Technically explanation:
  1. Personal situations:


I would like to ask you to contribute or just share my story with others. The more sharing, the more chances!


There are two ways to contribute:

  • Targeted the patient support by transfer to a fund account
  • Applying 1.2% of income tax

You can also help other patients fundraise funds or support orthodontic surgery doctors and the fund.


I would greatly appreciate any help I can get. In return, I could help with logos and mockups. You can see some of my work here: https://www.behance.net/build-graphic

I know and believe that together we can do more! Let us not be indifferent.


Thank you!